meet lisa:

A dedicated public servant, Lisa Montelione has sat on both sides of the dais. Although she now serves as an elected Tampa City Councilwoman, Lisa spent many years working in the private sector for small businesses. Through these experiences, she gained an understanding of the struggles many in our state face because they are many of the same challenges she overcame as well.

Upon moving to Florida 30 years ago, she began a career in banking and through all the ups and downs, she kept her position by working hard and being a valuable employee. However, as happens to so many Floridians, the day came when changes at her employer led her to be laid off. That’s when Lisa returned to school, graduating from USF, as she likes to say “as a student of non-traditional age,” with a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science, concentrating in Social Work and Urban Policy. Facing the job market as a divorced mother of a young son, Lisa took a job with Hillsborough County as an intake planner assisting citizens with questions about how to improve their property, which they worked so hard to acquire. From there, she was offered a job in the private sector working for a small local home builder.

When the downturn in real estate hit, like millions across the state, she got laid off once again. It was then that she found her way into politics, volunteering with a few campaigns and on get out the vote efforts. When the opportunity came to run for a seat on the Tampa City Council, she rose to the challenge. Despite campaigning for just 45 days, Lisa defeated the incumbent in the first round of voting and won in the runoff election a few weeks later.

A passionate community servant, Lisa has worked with many local charities and educational groups. Lisa serves on several Hillsborough Countywide agencies as part of her duties as a Tampa City Council member. Her responsibilities include service on the Tampa/Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (as Chair of the Policy Committee and Chair of the Livable Roadways Committee), member of the Hillsborough/Pasco/Pinellas Transportation Management Area Leadership Group, and as Chair of the Interlocal River Board and member the Affordable Housing Advisory Board. Her desire to help individuals facing challenging health issues prompted her to volunteer as a board member of both the Ybor Youth Clinic and Northside Behavioral Health. The passion to serve those who are among the less fortunate in our community was fostered by her parents, who despite having limited formal educations, had enormous hearts. Their example of always putting others before yourself formed the ideals that Lisa Montelione brings to her service to her community and the people she serves.

Lisa lives in Tampa with her partner of 14 years, small local construction company owner Josh Geary. Lisa is extremely proud of her son, Christopher, who graduated from the University of Louisville on a full golf and academic scholarship, and has recently started his own small business in the Orlando area.